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At BuiltbyNerds, we develop websites based on customer needs. We specialise in websites from basic informational web pages to complex social or e-commerce websites.

Our vision is to bring affordable websites to all people anywhere in the world. We don\'t believe in offering solutions that profits us the most. We believe that the best option should always be provided to our customer depending on the customer\'s needs.

Our company is based in Vietnam but have coded and designed websites for clients in Australia, Malaysia and America. We are an experienced team who are passionate, dynamic and very customer-orientated. BuiltbyNerds will always strive to offer the best to create our customer\'s dream website.

At BuiltbyNerds, we offer quality at an affordable price.


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Full Control of Web Development

Take full control of your website development by going directly to outsourcing. We know full well that web agencies more likely than not will outsource their website development. By going through a third-party to manage your website development, you're actually needing all information and feedback to bounce twice instead of once


When you outsource your website development, you'll be working directly with project managers who have full understanding about your website and code. You will receive no sales type customer service; instead you'll receive web developer service in which we code exactly to your wants and needs


Price is definitely the biggest win when you outsource web development. You'll cut the overhead costs of working with local web agencies and hence lowering the project costs

Realistic expectations

By outsourcing web development and going direct, you'll be speaking directly with people who fully understand websites and hence can tell you what can be possible as well as give you advice on how you can design and develop your website without costing you an arm and leg


We develop many different types of websites and online cloud systems. Below are some of what we do best! Please don\'t forget to look at the great projects that we\'ve completed so far!




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Build By Nerds Company

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Telephone: (08)3822 5075
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We are always to help you. There are many ways to contact us. You may drop us a line, give us a call or send an email, choose what suits you most.